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New Zealand Consultants

Conor Quinn, BSc.Sc., Managing Director - Head Office, Tauranga
PH +64 (0) 7 5423412, Mobile 027 4477131, email: conor@bizstarinternational.com
Conorís business development experience in market research and strength in networking and maintaining strong relationships with key personnel throughout public and private sectors across New Zealand, and globally, will ensure BizStar clients have access to a unique knowledge base from which to inform business development opportunities.   

Amy Quinn, HR Specialist - Head Office, Tauranga
email: amy@bizstarinternational.com
Amy has extensive experience in corporate HR systems, processes and training, having worked for the National Bank in the Wellington Head Office, delivering the recruitment management function for the organisation. She is currently based in Tauranga.

International Consultants

Sean Byrne, Business Development Specialist - United Kingdom
email: sean@bizstarinternational.com
Seanís 25 years refining and optimising supply chains for companies throughout the UK gives BizStar clients confidence when developing strategies for entering international markets, especially Europe. Sean is currently based in Northern Ireland.

Stephen Fittall, IT Specialist - Sydney, New South Wales
email: stephen@bizstarinternational.com
Stephenís vast experience in IT gives BizStar an unparalleled knowledge base from which to draw IT recommendations for clients. Stephen has consulted with Hewlett Packard and a number of high level central and federal government departments across Australia. Stephen is based in Sydney.

Tania Kruger, Business Development Specialist - Germany
email: tania@bizstarinternational.com
Taniaís 15 years developing offline and online marketing campaigns is complimented by 10 years experience in SEO (search engine optimisation) and 5 years conducting customer research. Based in Frankfurt, Tania is our European market research specialist.

Michael Yang, Business Development Specialist - Shenzhen Province, China
email: mike@bizstarinternational.com
With 10 year's international business experience in Europe and Australasia, combined with a traditional Chinese upbringing, Michael has the cultural understanding and business know-how to assist in designing and implementing your company's business development plan for a successful entry into any Asian market.
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